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OAC - Online Assisstance Centre

Caring about our Clients’ convenience and comfort, we have prepared for them an Internet platform which enables insurance administration. The Online Assistance Centre (OAC) is available upon prior consultation with Director of Insurance Office. LINK

TENDERS - Information on tendering procedures

Relevant materials. LINK




Polonica Broker’s team can satisfy the needs and expectations of the most demanding Clients by providing comprehensive brokering services, such as those related to:

  • property insurance
  • third party liability insurance for business (including specialist products, e.g.  D&O Liability Insurance, and Product Recall Insurance)
  • car fleet insurance and identification of precautionary measures which seek to limit the scope of cover
  • credit and surety insurance (guarantees, warranties and receivables insurance – Trade Credit Insurance)
  • group life insurance and medical coverage
  • other specialist projects addressing individual Clients, e.g. prolonged guarantee insurance, aviation insurance, transport insurance, construction and assembly works insurance, environmental liability insurance, etc.

On demand or as needs arise we also organize training courses in law and insurance for our Clients; as well as advise on risk assessment, fire protection, identification and optimization of insurance risk, etc.  


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